Tech-Tablet Volume 1, Post 1


Welcome to TechTablet! You’re probably wondering… what can I do here? Why am I here? Well, the TechTablet is a place for really anything! Here, we give you posts our favorite games, movies, shows, etc. The TT has almost everything you like, plus, if there’s a specific media you would like us to keep updated on, message me, or comment below and we’ll be sure to cover it in our daily news. Our posts don’t have a specific release date, so if we find any good news, we’ll post it for you asap! We may change our subject to be a bit more specific, but for now, our known posts will be about Nintendo, Apple, Online Gaming, etc. Posts for now, will be reviews, ratings, and news about upcoming products. We will continue planning our blog as time passes. To kick it off, we have some news about the 3DS!

Nintendo Update>Platform:3DS
Nintendo 3DS Blue

Nintendo 3DS Blue

People expecting the Holiday 2010 release for the newest Nintendo portable platform, 3DS, (the first portable system to produce 3D effects without the need of 3D glasses) were hit with tough luck on talk show Late Night with host, Jimmy Fallon and Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fil-Aime was asked when the company’s upcoming glasses-free 3D platform would be released. He replied, “next year.” At E3, we were told the system would be released some time around March 2011. As we await the 3DS release, we still have the advantages of previewing some of the new upcoming games for the 3DS. IMO, I think this will be another great release from Nintendo, the last thing we needed was a DSi: Midget. We will keep the 3DS news flow updated as we find out more and more about this amazing system.

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